– About : Forlandsaas.Com

About : Forlandsaas.Com

Forlandsaas.Com is a ;
professional website created by –
Johnny Helleland and his company based in Arendal, Norway – “MotionEffect-

Forlandsaas.Com is simply:
The Official Website Of Daniel Førlandsås.
Controlled and managed by webmaster,
near friends & family and Daniel FørlandsÃ¥s.
And the website is launching and publishing official information.

It started as a sponsored website/blog,
requested by among other Daniel’s football network.
And his inner circle of family and friends.
To keep them updated with info and news,
with on a normal day around 25-50 visitors each day.

As Daniel started to enter the professional football world more and more,
as well as featuring a number of times in Media giants of the world like BBC and MARCA.
Then also more visitors found their way to the website.
With now in 2017 up to thousands of visitors and hits every week.
Videos are linked to the official YouTube channel,
and photos to the Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can find all related info on this website, and related linked to others.
Click into the top categories, and find our Main Pages.
On them you will find all the info related to that topical page –
and they are updated frequently.

Please notice that certain private and personal information on the website
is cencured from the internet, and will not be published.

Forlandsaas.Com has been online since the year of 2007.
Celebrating 10 years in 2017.
Thanks to all past, present and future – visitors!