#1 – Time

There is one big problem both many non-believers and Christian believers have, when it comes to God.

We are putting God in a box, and we are trying to understand Him, and His wonders of life, the Universe and everything – according to OUR own box and OUR own way of thinking.

But why are we humans doing that?
If there is a God, a mighty creator of the Universe – then surely He will dwell in some sort of a supernatural, holy and advanced spiritual dimension or something?
In other words, a CREATOR of the Universe, must surely have a bigger and more advanced way of thinking and function, then humans can ever compare with?
But since humans are the top of the food chain here on Earth, our mindset can many times have a hard job to adapt to that perspective.

Non-believers and Christian believers, both live in the same world. Even if many Christian believers embrace, seek and experience the real spiritual world and relationship with God, we are all still humans and the majority of the time, we are all dwelling in a physical and material world that is so very busy, and TIME is an issue that we are always fighting against, almost every single day of our life.

God is not fighting time, God is not limited to time, God is not under time…
God is BEYOND time, God CREATED time, God is ABOVE time…

(2. Peter 3:8) The Bible it’s written:
“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Absorb it, think of it, make your opinion of it.
But either way outcome, both a non-believer and a Christian believer can from this look at God in a different way and perspective.
That God does not answer to time, or work after time, because he created it – so we can’t assess God after time. He is above and beyond time.
Not one place in The Bible is it written that Planet Earth is;
6000 years old or 4 500 000 000 years old.
But we have a ‘Birth certificate’.
The book of Genesis 1:1 in The Bible – “In the beginning…”
So in the beginning… Before God created day and night, water and mountains, the sky, trees, animals, humans… and TIME…